Town Code of Ordinances   (◄ click link to access online ordinances)

The official Town Code of Ordinances is maintained in the Town Clerk's Office.  The Town Code published at Municipal Code Corporation is for information only, and is not to be used for legal research or to determine whether an action complies with the Town Code.  There is no guaranty that the most current ordinances have been published on this site.  You must consult with Town Staff to ensure that you have the most current code.

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Golf Cart Regulations


Non-Resident Parking Decals 

Bike Week Local Laws


Recently Adopted Ordinances

18-0865 Repeal Indigent Defense Fund
18-0864 Chapter 14 Flood Damage Prevention
18-0863 To Ban Single Use Plastic Bags
17-0862 Deferred - to establish Entertainment District
17-0861 Signs (including political signs)
17-0860 Number not Issued
17-0859 Deferred to Planning Commission
17-0858 Amend Section 2-113 Duties of the Town Administrator
17-0857 Repeal Tent Prohibition and Set specific guidelines for tent usage
17-0856 Amend Chapter 17, Articles I & II to prohibit certain kinds of home occupations
17-0855 Amend 14-19 and 14-55 to no longer require survey and engineered stormwater plan when an existing driveway is resurfaced or replaced in-kind
17-0854 Amend 9-9(F)(1) C2 Business District (Surfside Drive) 2-hour parking except Saturday and Sunday
17-0853 Amend Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Municipal Budget - Capital Projects Fund
17-0852 Amend Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Municipal Budget -Several Funds
17-0851 Declare State of Emergency - Hurricane Irma
17-0850 2-Hour Parking in Surfside Drive Business District; Golf Cart Parking on Floral North

Recently Codified Ordinances

17-0849 Allow Mobile Food Vendors at Town and Town sponsored Events
17-0848 Temporary Standing in Roadways (parking) - DEFERRED
17-0847 Sale of Personal Property in Residential Areas (Yard Sales)
17-0846 Amend #17-0842 Section 12-67 Obstructions on the Beach (Tents) Please see www.surfsidebeach.org/beaches-2 for additional beach information
17-0845 Adopt Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Municipal Budget
17-0844 Amend Section 2-187 Funds Established and Purposes
17-0843 Amend FY2016-2017 Municipal Budget
17-0842 Amend Section 12-67 Obstructions on the Beach (Tents)
17-0841 Chapter 13 Fees
17-0840 Section 17-222, add Paragraph 5, Board of Zoning Appeals re landmark trees
17-0839 Chapter 17, Landscape & Trees
17-0838 Amend Chapter 17, Sign Ordinances
17-0837 Amend Section 9-16, Parking Decals & Exemptions
16-0836 Amend FY2015-2016 Municipal Budget for Depreciation Expense
16-0835 Declare a Localized State of Emergency in the Town of Surfside Beach
16-0834 Number not used
16-0833 Grant Franchise Fee to Frontier Communications, LLC
16-0832 Adopted to Amend Chapter 14, Flood Damage Prevention


These ordinance copies are provided for general information only. Decisions regarding construction, building and zoning actions, or any other actions should NOT be based solely on the online ordinances. Please contact the Planning, Building and Zoning department prior to construction or other departments as applicable to ensure that you are informed of the most current code.

Official copies of adopted ordinances may be requested by contacting the Town Clerk's office via phone at 843.913.6333, by US mail at 115 Highway 17 North, Surfside Beach, SC 29575, or by electronic mail at dherrmann@surfsidebeach.org.