Surfside Beach Historical Society



2016 Officers:
Ben Burroughs, Chairman                  Joyce Suliman, Treasurer
Cad Holmes, Vice Chairman              Sadie Parmley, Corresponding Secretary
Sherry Singleton, Secretary               

The Hon. Robert F. Childs, III, Town Council Liaison

Duties:  The Surfside Beach Historical Society shall serve to collect and preserve the history of the Town of Surfside Beach through collection of records, documents, photographs, artifacts, memorabilia, and other means, and to promote and provide access to the town’s history for current and future generations. 

Resolution #12-121

Ordinance #15-0814  

Qualifications:  The Surfside Beach Historical Society is open to anyone interested in researching, preserving and documenting the Town of Surfside Beach history.

Meeting Schedule: The Surfside Beach Historical Society meets on the first Wednesday every month at the Floral Lake Clubhouse, 617 Lakeside Drive, in Surfside Beach (two blocks west of Ocean Boulevard at 6th Avenue South).  The Society welcomes and invites everyone interested in the town's history to join them and to participate in their work. 

Historical Survey                                                                      The Ark Plantation History, Dr. Ben Burroughs

For more information about the Historical Board, please contact Town Clerk Debra Herrmann at 843.913.6333 or

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