Community Alert Program (CAP)

The Police Department is excited to announce a new program available to residents called the Community Alert Program (CAP). Participation in the CAP is voluntary and there is no cost for the service. Residents who participate in the CAP will be able to take advantage of the following services.

Senior Watch Program

The Senior Watch program is primarily focused on our senior community but other residents may participate based on special needs.

  • Participants will be entered into our dispatch system and an automated service will create a service call that will be handled as follows:
    • A Communications Officer will be automatically prompted to call the number(s) provided to make verbal contact and check on the resident
    • If verbal contact cannot be made, a Communications Officer will make additional attempts to contact the emergency/secondary contacts
    • If contact cannot be made and secondary contact does not resolve the issue, a Communications Officer will dispatch an Officer to respond to the residence for a welfare check. Unless officers determine or believe there is some emergency, they will not enter a residence.
    • All contacts and/or attempts will be documented in the dispatch system
  • Participants can chose how often they would like to be contacted (weekly, biweekly, monthly)
  • Seniors are not the only residents who may benefit from the program:
    • Residents with physical impairments (walking difficulties, speech/hearing difficulties, etc)
    • Residents with Alzheimer's, dementia, or memory issues

Special Needs Alert Program

The Special Needs Alert program can help provide vital information to Police Officers who are responding to an address where a resident who has communication difficulties lives.

  • Participants can have their address entered into our dispatch system and flagged so that any response to the residence generates an automatic alert
  • Communications Officers will be alerted and provide the information to responding Officers:
    • Residents who are autistic or have similar special needs are often sensitive to loud noises, disturbances, flashing lights, etc
    • Officers can take measures to minimize the impact their response may have on a resident while ensuring a safe response
    • Officers can employ alternate communication tactics to better deal with residents who may have difficulties communicating


If you would like to enroll in the CAP, you can obtain an application (PDF) or you can visit the Police Department at 811 Pine Drive in Surfside Beach. Questions should be directed to Tanika Parson by calling 843-913-6346.