Recycling Program - Materials Accepted

Informational Flyer (PDF)

Important Recycling Information

  • SWA Convenience Center Items (PDF)
  • Manufacturers are stepping up efforts to comply with the new e-waste law and offer new recycling opportunities for customers.
  • Plastic Film/Bag Recycling Resource Website
  • All recyclable materials must be placed inside the recycle cart unbagged.
  • Recyclable carts will be serviced every Friday using our automated arm trucks.
  • Please put the cart curbside with the arrows facing toward the street.
  • A list of recyclable materials is imprinted on the lid of the cart.
  • We cannot recycle Styrofoam.
  • There is no fee for either the cart or the pickup of recyclables.
  • Every item we recycle results in savings not only to our Town but to the environment as well.
  • If the Town has not already delivered one to you, you can request a recycle cart by emailing Public Works or calling 843-913-6360. Be sure to include your name and property address.
  • Did you know that Best Buy accepts many electric or electronic items free for recycling? They impose a fee for certain tube TVs and monitors, but many items are free. Just drop it off at the store. Games, CDs, cell phones, laptops, and a lot more. Check out their recycling webpage.