Beach Access

Surfside Beach Pier, circa 1955Visitors may access the beach from any of the Town's 36 access points.

Wheelchair access is available at the 3rd Avenue North entrance, Surfside Pier, 13th Avenue South and Melody Lane accesses.

Special Beach wheelchairs are available through the Surfside Beach Public Safety Department.

Please visit the Department at 811 Pine Drive or call 843-913-6368 for more information.


The Town of Surfside Beach provides parking spaces at the 12 beach area parking lots. Several parking areas are ocean-front. Please visit the Parking page for more information.


Restroom facilities, showers, and foot-showers can be found at the following beach access points:

  • 1st Avenue North - Shower Tower 
  • 2nd Avenue North - Shower Tower
  • 3rd Avenue North - Shower Tower/Restrooms 
  • 8th Avenue North - Shower Tower
  • Surfside Pier - Shower Tower/Restrooms 
  • 2nd Avenue South - Shower Tower
  • 3rd Avenue South - Shower Tower 
  • 5th Avenue South - Shower Tower/Restrooms
  • 6th Avenue South - Shower Tower 
  • 7th Avenue South - Shower Tower
  • 10th Avenue South - Shower Tower 
  • 13th Avenue South - Shower Tower/Restrooms

Prohibited on the Beach

To both ensure the safety of our residents and visitors and preserve the unique quality of life that gives our Town its charm, the Town asks all beachgoers to abide by the following rules:


No motor vehicles (cars, trucks, golf carts, mopeds, etc.) other than those used by lifeguards, police, or other Town personnel, are permitted to operate on the beach at any time.


Dogs or other domestic pets are not permitted on the public beach between the hours of 10 am to 5 pm from May 1 through Labor Day. All other times leashed dogs are allowed on the beach.

Horses and other large animals are not allowed on the beach.