Bid Awards

Bid Awards / Results

Archived Bid Awards

  1. BID RESULTS - Huckabee Sealcoating Project PW23-001 (PDF)
  2. BID RESULTS - Town Hall Demo PW22-004
  3. Pier ADA Ramp and Deck Expansion (PDF)
  4. Passive Park Walkway (PDF)
  5. Purchase of Pumpers and Aerial Platform Apparatus (PDF)
  6. Fire House Cascade Compressor (PDF)
  7. Fire House Furniture (PDF)
  8. Fire House Washer Extractor (PDF)
  9. Scoreboards (PDF)
  10. Streetscape Landscape Plan (PDF)
  11. Streetscape Site Plan (This Project Will Be Rebid) (PDF)
  12. 4th Avenue South Drive Over (PDF)
  13. Knuckleboom (PDF)
  14. Old Pending Bids Update (PDF)
  15. Split Heat Pump Systems (PDF)
  16. Skate Park (This Project Will Be Rebid) (PDF)
  17. Energy Grant Light Fixtures (PDF)
  18. Fire Fighter Physicals (PDF)
  19. Floral Lake Enhancement (PDF)
  20. Skate Park (Asphalt) (PDF)
  21. Dogwood Lake Enhancement (PDF)
  22. Streetscape Bid Minutes (PDF)
  23. Tree Planting (PDF)
  24. Digital Video System for Police Department and Jail Facility (PDF)
  25. Tennis Court Resurfacing (PDF)
  26. Dogwood Lake Restoration (PDF)
  27. Kawaski Mules (PDF)
  28. Street Sweeper (PDF)
  29. 10th Avenue Bridge (PDF)
  30. Pier Pile Wrap Project (PDF)
  31. T-Shirt Bid Minutes (PDF)
  32. Under Pier Maintenance (PDF)
  33. Underground Wiring on Ocean Boulevard from 3rd North to 3rd South (Amended) (PDF)
  34. ADA Huckabee Bathrooms (PDF)
  35. Mold Remediation (PDF)
  36. RFQ Opening for Beach Services Franchise (PDF)
  37. Side Arm Refuse Truck (PDF)
  38. Town Merchandise (PDF)
  39. Publications Services (PDF)
  40. Pier Parking Lot Improvements (PDF)
  41. Pier Restaurant Roof Replacement (PDF)
  42. Pier Parking Lot Improvements (Re-Bid) (PDF)
  43. 3rd Avenue South Channel Bank Stabilization Project (PDF)
  44. Courthouse - Council Roof Replacement (PDF)
  45. Front End Loader Refuse Truck (PDF)
  46. Upper Myrtle and Magnolia Drainage Basin Improvements (Award on Phases 1 to 3 Only) (PDF)
  47. 3rd Avenue South Channel Bank Stabilization Project (Re-Bid) (PDF)